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Effclusive Picnics in Hungary is Hungary's first picnic organizing service company. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences for every occasion and bring people together through the joys of nature and good company. 
Effclusive Picnics Overview

About Us

At Effclusive Picnics, we believe in nurturing entrepreneurial aspirations and fostering a community of growth and success.

When you choose to embark on this exciting journey with us, you're not just investing in a brand; you're joining a vibrant and supportive network.

Here's why becoming an Effclusive Picnics franchisee is a remarkable opportunity:

  • Established Brand and Reputation
    Effclusive Picnics is a pioneer in the picnic planning industry. With years of dedicated service and a strong online presence, we have built a trusted and recognised brand.

  • Comprehensive Training
    We offer in-depth training programs designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this industry. Our training covers everything from operational processes to customer service, ensuring you're well-prepared from the outset.

  • Ongoing Guidance and Support
    We understand that success is an ongoing journey. As a franchisee, you'll receive continuous support and guidance from our experienced team. We're here to assist you in overcoming challenges, optimizing operations, and realizing your business goals.

  • Strategic Marketing Assistance
    Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business. Effclusive Picnics provides marketing strategies and materials to enhance your reach and attract your target audience effectively. From social media campaigns to seasonal promotions - we got you covered!

  • Proven Business Model
    Our franchise model is tried, tested, and refined. We've meticulously crafted our business processes to maximize efficiency, ensuring that you have a roadmap for success.

  • Diverse Revenue Streams
    Effclusive Picnics offers a range of packages and themes suitable for various occasions and clientele. This diversity provides you with multiple revenue streams and the ability to tailor offerings to specific markets.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Approach
    Our commitment to the environment sets us apart. By using eco-friendly materials and minimizing our ecological footprint, you align your business with responsible and sustainable practices.

  • Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
    Joining Effclusive Picnics means becoming a part of a community of passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs. Share experiences, insights, and grow together with fellow franchisees.

Main duties of a franchise partner:

  • Adapting Effclusive Picnics brand identity
  • Get in touch with potential venues and partners
  • Supporting the work of the headquarters to create the most accurate project and marketing plan each country and area
  • Planning and creating monthly content
  • Taking care of bookings and planning picnics
  • Taking very good care of equipments

There are 3 types of packages to choose from based on the area you will open the business:

  • Part time job
  • Flexible working hours
  • Quick return
  • For smaller areas
  • For holiday destinations

2) PRO
  • Full time job
  • Flexible working hours
  • Rational return time
  • Covering frequent areas
  • It needs a small team

  • Country leader
  • Full time job
  • Long term investment
  • Only one in the country
  • Around main cities

Ideal Franchisee

The role of a new picnic organizer encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, and success depends on their dedication and commitment.

Planning and organizing picnics: This includes coordinating every aspect of picnics, from selecting themes to arranging logistics.

Contacting potential clients: Franchisees need to actively engage with potential clients, responding to inquiries, and effectively communicating the unique picnic experience they offer.

Inventory management: Managing and maintaining inventory is crucial to ensure that all equipment is in good condition and ready for use.

Preparing and setting up picnics: This is the hands-on part of the job where franchisees physically set up the picnic experience, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Equipment maintenance and efficient packing: To prolong the life of equipment and reduce costs, franchisees must maintain and pack their inventory carefully.

Finding suitable picnic locations: Identifying and securing ideal picnic spots is essential. This includes scouting and securing agreements with property owners or local authorities.

Establishing partnerships and collaborations: Building relationships with local vendors, suppliers, and other businesses can enhance the picnic experience and expand opportunities for collaboration.

Local marketing and brand promotion: Franchisees should actively market their picnic services within their local community to build brand recognition.

Market research and creativity: Staying informed about local trends and market demands is critical. Creative thinking can lead to unique picnic experiences that attract customers.

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