Location Marketing and Local Digital Marketing

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Location Marketing and Local Digital Marketing
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There are two types of marketing categories which franchisors and franchisees should focus their attention on in order to maximise efforts and get the best possible return on investment. These are Location Marketing and Local Digital Marketing.

Location Marketing

A location marketing campaign consists of a specific mix of listings, social media, and brand reputation management that relates not to a brand as a whole, but rather to a specific location of a company. Franchises must distinguish themselves in this way. Each franchise owner or manager focuses on a single location and providing customers with a superior experience.

Location marketing includes:

  • Listings on directories, maps and apps
  • Google My Business and social pages
  • Location-specific pages on your website store locator
  • Search-engine optimization and voice optimization
  • Franchise-specific reputation and review management

Local Digital Marketing

In the local digital marketing ecosystem, you drive foot traffic to your franchise locations and drive web traffic to location pages.

Local digital marketing includes:

  • Localized content offers
  • Franchise-specific blog posts
  • Coupons and offers
  • Pay-per-click online ads
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

There is still much crossover and unknown territory to be explored. However, do not be alarmed! Franchisees and franchisors can work together to push for success in this brave new world by harnessing the power of local marketing and location.

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