FullPivot has launched the "App and Website of The Month Awards"

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FullPivot, a prominent digital agency franchise, has launched a new program called App and Website of The Month Awards.

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This program aims to acknowledge and incentivize partners who create exceptional mobile apps and websites.

The winner of the awards will receive a £250 voucher, which can be utilized for any services provided by the head office, including app, website building, or SEO. This incentive is expected to motivate partners to create innovative and high-quality digital products that offer exceptional user experiences.

Partners can participate in the competition by submitting their published app or website, or by publishing a new app or website using the relevant platforms. The team will evaluate all entries and select a winner based on factors such as functionality, design, and user engagement.

This initiative is a testament to FullPivot's continued commitment to supporting its partners and promoting excellence in digital product development. By providing its partners with the necessary tools, resources, and incentives to create outstanding mobile apps and websites, FullPivot is driving innovation and growth in the industry.


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