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Ad-Autodienst is a successful, fair and cheap automotive repair shop. It was established in 1992. ad-AUTO service is a workshop system of the Carat Company group specifically for the free car market. There are almost 500 different car brands associated with the company and they have to commit to the values and business life of Ad-Autodienst in order to get their benefits and be able to provide high quality to the customers.

It involves getting regular further training and having more workshop equipment in order to be able to provide a service up to standard. Ad Autodienst provides maintenance, repair and service for many different vehicle brands.

The Franchise System

The company revolves around the concept that it is an international workshop with more than 130 independently owned and operated workshops in Austria. There are more than 4,500 car service companies in Europe.

Becoming a partner and joining the franchise means there are some criteria that have to be met. The main goal of the company is that all of the workshops associated with the brand have to receive the European stamp of approval. This is an important way for the company to maintain standards and high quality service.

There are many benefits connected to becoming part of Ad-Autodienst. Innovative marketing concepts will be passed out around the stores leading to more customers. There will be comprehensive training giving to any new workshop owner. Most of all, the new workshop will benefit greatly by being associated with a brand name that people know and respect.


Ad-Autodienst celebrates their 20th anniversary in 2017. From May 2016 to December 2017, there will be monthly bargains available for customers. The highlight will be the Carat Performance Fair which will take place in Kassel in October 2017.


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