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Capifrance was the first network of independent real estate advisors in France. They began in 2002 and from there developed their concept to reinvent real estate to make it easier, more precise and innovative. Clients can be reassured that they will have the best help available throughout the whole process of acquiring property, whether they want to get involved with old estate or new, luxury or commercial real estate or property management. Capifrance provides highly qualified knowledgeable advisors to make the process more efficient. Within the company there are a total of 1,700 councillors or agents who accompany the buyers or the sellers to the field. Very practical help is given.

The property market is always evolving and therefore advisors get regular training and updates about the continuous changes. They are more than capable to deal with any situation. Each advisor has a sector or region in which they are experts in. Clients as a result are neighbours rather than strangers.

The Franchise System

Becoming a real estate advisor for Capifrance will enable someone to have a positive strong future. With the tools and training that Capifrance provide the advisor will have everything available to them to succeed.

Training is very important to become a successful advisor. It has to be ongoing through someone’s life within the company because property is always changing. However initially, Capifrance provide an intense initial training program. It is made up of 40 hours initial training and 350 hours of continuous training. 26 modules are covered fully educating potential advisors of everything they need to know.

Capifrance, not only provides valuable training, but hands over tools to the new advisor to ensure they have all the equipment they need to become an independent real estate agent. Daily assistance is available with five hot lines on call. Huge benefits come from belonging to a powerful network as well as having a recognised brand name that already has credibility with customers. Regular support from regional directors, coaches and field trainers is on hand so that advisors feel both independent and safe.


In 2017, Capifrance aim to reach 2000 advisors throughout the whole of France.

Collective co-working centres are set to open in 2017 so that the individual will be able to benefit from the collective.

Capifance also wants to achieve 15,000 sales by 2020.


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