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Clarks have been successful and well respected shoemakers since 1825. It all began when Cyrus and James Clark made a slipper from sheepskin. This was the beginning of the innovative shoe wear that followed. The Clarks family are still to this day overflowing with new ideas and ways to expand their business. Clarks has always been ahead. From the world’s first foot shaped shoe to getting half sizes in shoes to using an IPad foot gauge, Clarks use technology and their ingenious ideas to stay ahead of the game and rightly earn their position as number one in everyday footwear.

The Franchise System

Clarks went global and now stretches across 35 countries. Some of their European locations as well as The UK include Ireland, Denmark and France. Clarks brand have nearly too hundred years of experience but it was really only over the last twenty seven years where franchising became a vital part of the company’s success and growth.

Clarks recognise this significance and go to great lengths to ensure their franchisees are confident and capable, by offering them continuous franchise support and proper in depth training. Induction training consists of 5 days in Clarks’ head office and following that there is 10 to 20 field training sessions, the level of which is determined based on individual previous experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Clarks’ values and principles are core to their business and as a result of that they have maintained their image of being a trusted and secure brand.


The most dominant distribution centre for Clarks in North America was built using environmentally friendly materials and techniques. It complied with Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) regulations and as a result was awarded with a gold certificate from the US Green Building Council.

Clarks have also installed LED lighting within the warehouse and invested in cooling systems and efficient heating systems with the goal being to reduce energy wastage as much as possible.

Over 97% of the waste from the warehouse was not sent to the landfill.

Rain water was collected and used throughout the factory.

Clarks in the UK worked hard to improve their level of recycling.


Galahad Clark follows seven generations of the Clark family and business. He like the rest of his previous family stretches boundaries in business and innovation. This innovative streak caused him to create shoes made from algae. They are called Vivobarefoot Ultra Blooms.

Financial Information

· Minimum Investment: 33%
· Start-up costs: £150,000


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