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Domino's Pizza was founded in 1960 in Michigan, U.S. Brothers Tom and James Monaghan bought DomiNick’s, a small pizza store, with $900 that they borrowed. After 8 months in business, James traded his share of the business to Tom for his Volkswagen Beetle. In 1965 Tom purchased two additional pizzerias, and the business was officially renamed to Domino’s Pizza, Inc. By 1978, Domino’s Pizza had expanded to 200 stores. Tom Monaghan retired in 1998, selling 93 percent of the company to Bain Capital for an estimated $1 billion.

Franchise System

Domino's Pizza franchise business model is primarily an internally-based franchise system, which they credit for their franchising success. 90% of Domino’s franchisees learned to run and operate stores before they bought their franchise. Their head offices support their franchisees with management, dough production, purchasing, training, IT and marketing, among other services. Domino's works with its franchisees to create innovative menus and to test new items and promotions to ensure the best results.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Domino's pizza boxes are 100% recyclable; the boxes are made from 80% recyclable material and the remaining 20% is FSC assured. All of their waste dough is sent to animal feed in an effort to reduce waste. Domino's are mindful of the environmental impact of their transport, and ensure their delivery trucks do not exceed 45mph to reduce fuel consumption, using vehicles that comply with emission and noise specifications and disposing of waste oil in an environmentally friendly way. In 2013 Domino's in Ireland partnered with Renault to promote the use of their electronic car the Twizy as their delivery vehicle of choice to reduce emissions.

Charity Partnerships

In England, Scotland and Wales, Domino's work with the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. The charity aims to improve the quality of life and chances of survival or teenagers with cancer. The charity has developed 28 specialist cancer units in hospitals across the UK.

In Ireland, Domino's supports the Barretstown charity, which offers free camps and programmes for children and their families with serious illness, all supported by 24-hour medical care. Domino's has raised nearly €250k for Barretstown over the past 10 years, and teams have run several pizza-making classes at the camps where children can make their own pizzas.

In 2010, Domino's was the first brand to go into partnership with Pennies. Pennies is a digital charity box which gives customers the option of rounding up the cost of their order and donating the spare change to charity.

The Domino's Partners Foundation was established in 1986 to help Domino's team members affected by natural disasters or personal hardship. The foundation provides immediate financial help to team members around the word. It has provided more than $6 million dollars of financial assistance to team members since it was established.

Financial Information

· Required investment: £101,632 - £390,823
· Capital Required: £63,474
· Upfront fee: £21,251

https://biz.dominos.com/documents/1697006/6681059/2015_charitable-giving-report.pdf/c74 c0295-f2f2-48bc-a1bd-eacecc1e90f1

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