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ERA Real Estate is the leader in the residential real estate industry in the U.S. It was first established in 1971, when founder Jim Jackson was impassioned to create a successful franchise using technology to their utmost advantage by providing a good quality service. The company began franchising in 1972 in the U.S. and in 1973 ERA offered the first nationwide warranty program. ERA Europe went on to be established in 1993 with the first office opening in France.

Today, the company is still quite notable for the effective way it uses the internet to offer dozens of unique deals to both customers and associates. There are nearly 1,000 offices across the U.S. and a further 2,000 offices around the rest of the world. In total ERA Real Estate spreads across 36 countries, 13 of which are located in Europe, including Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Belgium.

The Franchise System

There are approximately 2,300 offices connected with ERA Real Estate and they are all independently owned and operated. ERA recognises the importance of its franchisees to the company's overall success. Therefore, ERA is committed to providing education, tools and training so that its agents will carry out business smartly and comfortably. ERA believes that it is important that skills and knowledge are always being passed on to agents throughout their real estate career. Agents can sign up to extra training courses and get 'real-life' experience before they take on their own franchise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For the last 35 years, ERA have been committed to helping people who suffer from muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases. They are connected to the Muscular Dystrophy association and through them the ERA MDA Summer Camp Challenge began, where over 1,000 children were sent to the summer camp.

The 2017 annual MDA day was on the 18th of May and some members of staff at ERA, as well as family and friends of those involved, came together and shared a meal. A portion of the check was donated to the MDA Summer Camp. All in all, the event raised more than $3,000.


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