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Established in 2000, Groszek has developed a large network of self-service food stores across Poland. The network has more than 1,400 stores found in both cities and small towns. Their mission is to support Polish Entrepreneurship and as a result of the standards required by the franchise, the same professionalism and quality products are found throughout the country.

Groszek are a brand associated with the Eurocash Group which is Poland’s leading whole sale distributor of fast moving goods. Companies that are selected to be part of the Eurocash Group are not random. Eurocash’s aim is to be the best and as a result often only leaders in each industry segment are picked to join the group.

Groszek was awarded the Statuette of Hermes in the category Network Franchise Stores for having made a significant impact in the industry. They were also given the prestigious title ‘Created in Poland Superbrand,’ for 2014 going on 2015.

Franchise System

Grosek have a proven successful franchise model that has, since their establishment, aided the company’s overall development and success. Franchisees or entrepreneurs will benefit hugely from joining the Groszek chain as they are able to have their independence in running the business but with the comfort of knowing they will always have professional support should they need it. Having a known brand behind your business means franchisees can compete with discount stores because they will have the capital and advantage to offer the best prices and run promotional nationwide campaigns.

The franchisor offers a lot of support and training to the new franchisees. Help will be provided when initially setting up the new store. This involves picking the site location, visualising the store layout and designing the interior so that it matches the brand. The franchisees will be provided with equipment, marketing tools (advertising, loyalty programmes etc.) and a professional team of trained relationship managers. Training of staff is valued by both the franchiser and the franchisee to ensure that stores will be run with the values of the company and that employees are comfortable. Staff will be trained in sales techniques, consumer behaviour, communication and more.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Project 48

Groszek supported 48 strokes for 48 needy, which is a project that helps people who live difficult lives because of a disease, illness or physical disability. Money is raised to provide these people with treatment, medicine, rehabilitation or equipment that they need to give them a better quality of life.

Community Involvement

Groszek recognise the importance of community and whenever they can they get involved to bring people closer together and strengthen ties with their customers. They sponsored a Christmas Taekwan-Do Tournament and Tiger Day, an event that brings Taekwon-Do lovers together. The day is filled with a family picnic alongside leisure activities and competitions.

Eurocash Group

The Eurocash Group also recognise how important it is to support good causes and get involved with the community. They support the Help in Time Foundation which provides help to children who are suffering from serious illness and disabilities. The group also runs a scholarship program where 120 annual scholarships are given out.


This year, Groszek have launched a summer lottery where customers use their receipts to register either online or on their phones. Lots of prizes are up for grabs.


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