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Levi's is one of the most recognizable clothing brands in the world. It was founded by Levi Strauss in 1873 and with the establishment of the company Levi Strauss and Co., the first blue jean was created. Levi's had an active, if somewhat turbulent, history as the brand continued to develop. From an earthquake in San Francisco which destroyed its headquarters, Levi's went on to produce its first garment for women. The brand made its first international excursion with U.S soldiers, who wore Levi's jeans and jackets overseas during World War Two. Always being open-minded and not rooted to a system, Levi's produced an extraordinary advertisement called "Women Breaking the Mould," which aired in America and seriously questioned female stereotypes.

Franchise System

Levi's has a well-established business based on years of upholding a business culture framed around strong values and hard work. In 1965 it opened up its International Division and since then has been franchising extensively. The first Original Levi's Store outside of the U.S. was established in Spain in 1983. Since then it has grown successfully across 110 countries. Franchising is crucial to the success of the business, as half of its net revenue comes from outside the U.S.

Levi's presence is quite prominent in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe and Japan. Its headquarters for dealing with business in the Americas is in San Francisco,with the European headquarters located in Brussels. In 2011 CEO Chip Burgh cut down on 150 franchises in India, because there were quite a few only operating one or two stores. Now there are only 22 franchises which operate a larger number of stores, increasing efficiency.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Levi Strauss and Co. have always had a long history of caring and since the foundation of the company they have been giving back to the community with tremendous efforts. The tradition first established by Levi Strauss has continued.


Very close to the heart of the company, Levi's values both its customers and their employees. In 2011, the Worker Well Being initiative was introduced as a way for the company to address the needs of its employees, first by listening and identifying the issues and then aiming to meet the worker's needs.


Levi's are very away of how precious water is and they are committed to reducing water usage within the company. One way of doing this is through the Better Cotton Initiative, which encourages the growing of cotton in a healthier way for the community and the environment. The program requires the use of water to be maintained in an efficient way.

Climate Change

Carbon dioxide has a huge influence on Climate Change, something Levi's is aware of, and so made a conscious effort to reduce the company's carbon footprint by 13% between the years 2007 and 2011.

The company eventually aims to use 100% renewable energy.


Levi's is celebrating 144 years since the the Levi 501 jeans were introduced. It has been 144 years since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis partnered to create the first riveted pockets on men's pants which was soon stamped with the 01 mark to differentiate their jeans from others. To celebrate, Levi's launched a smaller collection of limited edition jeans, shorts and vests, aimed at celebrating the endurance of the 501 jeans.

Levi's also produced a documentary about the 501 to portray its journey throughout history, from its creation to present day.


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