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Marston’s Pubs have existed in the heart of people’s communities for over 180 years. The pub and its well-being as well as what it means to its customers is central to the Marston’s Pub franchise. It began in 1890 when three breweries came together to form Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries. From there, the franchise continued to grow and grow on quite a huge basis. In 1992 they bought Cameron’s Brewery and in 1999 they bought Burton on Trent based Brewery and others. It 2002 they bought Wizard Inns and by 2005 they were the third largest brewery in the UK based on the number of pubs they owned.

The Franchise System

Marston’s Pubs recognise how valuable their franchisees are to their success and place them at the heart of the business because once the company provides them with an environment in which they can excel they have the ability to bring Marston’s Pubs further into the life of the community.

The company will provide the franchisee with a support package which covers their induction, their training and development as well as helping them with general operations and marketing etc. It’s an ideal opportunity because they use a business plan that has been tried and tested to work and they are already established by using a credible name and having an industry leading beer portfolio. Franchisees also receive 20% of the profits and 20% of the sales.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is very important to the company that Marston’s Pubs remain central within the community. Marston’s Pubs have always cared highly for their employees and customers.


Taking the community very much into consideration, the pubs adjust to local tastes and preferences to ensure that they are providing the community with what they want and will ultimately love and enjoy.

The Breweries also participate and hold local events such as beer festivals or carnivals or Macmillan Coffee mornings with the goal of doing good and bringing people closer together.


Each year, Marston’s donate to the charity ‘Pub is The Hub,’ and their aim is to help small rural farmers struggling to stay afloat among these new economic conditions.

Marston’s Inns and Taverns Charitable Trust is another example of how this franchise makes huge efforts to help others. This money would go towards cancer patients going to the children’s hospital or for blindness etc.


The company’s energy usage is also being re-evaluated. They are making attempts to save energy when catering by reducing energy consumption and increasing life expectancy of certain equipment.

LED lighting is also being introduced within the pubs which consumes less than 80% energy.

Finally they are using installed voltage optimisation in new builds and have retro fitted over 40 sites. This reduces carbon footprint considerably.


Marston’s Pub won the Best Corporate Workplace 2017 award in the Midlands and Central England region.

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·Investment Required: £25,000 and working capital


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