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Mothercare have a vision to be the leading global retailer for parents and children up to age of eight. The first store opened in 1961 in Surrey in the UK. Mothercare grew into a specialist retailer for parents and expecting mums, by first focusing on pushchairs, basic baby equipment and maternity clothes. However, they soon expanded their business and began creating a range of children’s clothes.

They started taking mail orders in 1962 and were lucky to merge with the Habitat Chain in 1962. It all meant that the brand was growing and growing. In 1984, Mothercare started to expand internationally through the use of franchise arrangements. By 1986 they had merged with British Home Stores but by 2000, Mothercare had become the sole brand name. In 2007, they acquired the Early Learning Centre Brand, which expands alongside Mothercare on a franchise basis.

The Franchise System

The company continues to expand and there are now more than 1300 stores across 56 countries which include the Early Learning Centres. International markets are found mainly in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Mothercare is a brand that can easily fit into international markets. This is why building relationships and connections across seas has been successful at furthering more franchises. Franchisees own and operate their own Mothercare branch. Products are received from UK operations.

Benefits that come along from being a member of the Mothercare franchise is that you are provided with an internationally recognised and trusted brand. Franchisees gain competitive advantage in the market by following an effective business system and efficient supply chain. Franchisees will receive ongoing training as well as initial extensive training before the store is opened. Support will also be given to the franchisee during the build and setting up of the store.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible Sourcing

Global sourcing brings more responsibility on a Mothercare franchise and the company recognises the duty it has to ensure that labour rights and human rights are being upheld across the supply chains. Mothercare are an active member of the Ethical Trading Initiative which attempts to ensure that exploitation does not take place.


Mothercare took part in a two year programme between 2013 and 2015 where they attempted to reduce the impact they were having on the environment. They reduced their emissions by over 10% due to reduced usage of electricity and gas as well as minimizing their road mileage when transporting goods. They improved their recycling facilities even further and Mothercare remains recycling 95% of its waste, rather than it going to landfill.


Mothercare are very committed to their staff and their franchisees, recognising their importance in the success of the brand. Mothercare are an equal opportunities employer offering jobs to people based on suitability to the role. They invest in management development and core skill workshops so that their workforce can improve and develop more skills.


Mothercare also want to give back to the communities and customers that make their success possible. With parents and babies being the centre of their world, they do a lot to make it easier for Mums and Dads. My Mothercare Expectant Parent Events run throughout the UK allowing experts to advise parents on things like car safety, nursery, suitable toys and food for babies in their first year and onwards.

The Mothercare Group Foundation was established in 2004 and in 2015 they donated to four different charities totaling an amount of £89,000.

Mothercare Ireland’s charity of the year for 2017 is Bumbleance, the children’s national ambulance service. They will be touring around Mothercare stores for the duration of the year giving people an interactive experience and creating awareness.


Mothercare worldwide have had a major rise in sales. Their annual 2017 report shows that there has been a 6.3% increase mainly due to the sale of clothes and shoes.


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