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MRW is a group that was first established in 1977. It acts as a courier service for national and international shipments. It has platforms in Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and Venezuela and it ships to over 200 countries around the world. It operates over 2300 vehicles and 8 aircraft. The company values commitment to a fantastic service, transparency, innovation and most importantly efficiency. MRW guarantees on time delivery no matter what the shipment. If shipment is even one minute late customer will get free shipping.

MRW developed an excellent e-commerce side to their business and offer transport solutions to those companies marketing through the internet. Already, over 10,000 online companies rely on MRW for transportation and delivery of products. MRW received the Franchises Services Leadership Award in 2011 for its e-commerce.

Franchise System

MRW has over 1,300 franchisees around the world and continues to grow. It furthers its success and credibility as the first European brand to ever receive the Franchising System Certification which ensures that MRW have good franchising practices. Franchisees can therefore expect fair treatment when applying. The initial and ongoing training programs in place are sufficient for the franchisee to be prepared and confident in their work. It ensures that the brand’s corporate image is at a high quality and that the franchise network is maintained and inclusive.

Working with MRW also means having the ability to help and work alongside non-profit organisations as 1% of the company’s turnover goes straight to social action.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MRW Solidario

MRW has been sending solidarity shipments since it first began as a franchise. The company does this without any outside financial support because it feels it is important to give back. These shipments are allocated to people who may need special treatment, specifically those with disabilities, or the elderly, unemployed, students, large families etc.

The company also gets involved with solidarity campaigns to bring people together and do as much good as it can. By using their national offices as donation centres they can ensure people who need it are receiving support.

MRW Foundation

The foundation brought out a book or manual called ‘What’s wrong with our brother?’ It was a brilliant innovative way of explaining to children who have siblings with disabilities what is happening and how their brother or sister is feeling.

Environmental Commitments

MRW are committed to a sustainable world and want to run their company in such a way that does all it can to aid the planet sustain a healthy environment.

To do this MRW ensures that they are always compliant with legislation and environmental regulations so that they’re operations are not doing harm.

They implement measures to reduce pollution, to control waste production and to use energy resources as efficiently as the company can.

MRW promotes training and environmental awareness within the company, making sure that employees, franchisees and suppliers etc. know how to manage everything in a sustainable way.

MRW is always willing to stand behind public authorities in times of environmental emergency because it recognises how important an issue it is.


Headquarters in Barcelona received the BREEAM Award so now they have a certification to show that they have an environmentally sustainable building. This means that 50%-70% less energy is being consumed. Up to 40% less water is being used, and also the cost of waste management has been reduced by 70%.

MRW announced that they want to expand further in Latin America by opening offices there every two or three years. The goal is to become the leading courier in the region, overtaking FedEx and DHL by 2022.

In 2012 Yatelollevo.com was launched which was designed for private customers.


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