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Point S is the leading independent tyre car service dealer in the world. Their mission is to preserve the independence of their network to ensure profitability. Their strategy is based on three pillars, which consist of optimised purchases, strong sell-out support and innovative solutions.

It was first created in France in the 1970s, when some independent dealers started to work together to promote their trade in the tyre industry. Their enthusiasm was triggered by the results of study and observation which showed that the public were unaware of true tyre professionals and therefore there was a gap in the market.

Franchise System

The company began franchising in France and went international in 1988 when it first entered Germany and Italy. International headquarters were established in Lyon in France in 2000, with a multi-cultural team to ensure that all aspects of the firms internationalising are taken into account. In 2012, a base was set up in Boston to configure activities happening in North America. Currently the company is thriving and, as of 2017, it has 3,400 points of sale across 32 countries.

Point S wants to make its franchisees are successful and to do this it ensures that the franchisees have all the back-up support, tools and resources that it needs.

Point S's Commitments

An important goal of Point S is giving value and benefits to the customer. It does this by staying true to the commitments that it has made.

The company promises that the 25 checkpoints will be examined free of charge. The customer has a lifetime guarantee against punctures in tyres and vandalism. The company also rewards loyalty and returning customers. The company will stay at the disposal of the customer 24/7 with an online appointment system in place and a promise to respond in less than ten minutes of any requests.

Finally the company is committed to helping the environment by recycling batteries and tyres.


Point S has had substantial growth in North America and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Since the union of Tyre Factory and Point S, the vast majority of the 206 stores in the US have been rebranded to the Point S logo and banner. It is the goal of the company to be the third largest independent retail tyre chain in North America.

In Europe, T.S.C, the Italian regional tyre dealer joined the Point S company. This brings the number of Point S locations in Italy to 55.

In 2016, Point S branched into Asia, with Malaysia being their first targeted location.


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