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Sport 2000 is one of the world’s largest purchasing cooperations of independent sports retailers. The cooperative has over 3,800 stores across 28 countries. In Europe, Sport 2000 has locations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the U.K., to name a few. Sport 2000 specialises in multi-sports and its goal is to enhance the experience of the customer, with the belief that every athlete is capable regardless of their ability. The Sport 2000 Group is the group of independent merchants that work together to provide high-quality sport equipment and experiences for its clients.

The Sport 2000 Group was established in 1966 by three important French football players, Pierre Batteux, Jean Fontaine and Jean Djorkaeff. By 1979 they had established headquarters on the site of the former club house of the French football team. The Sport 2000 group is made up of a number of brands, Sport 2000, Sport Mountain, S2 and Monodevelo. Sport Mountain focuses on winter sport experiences. S2 is concerned with shoes specifically for sports fashion and the Monodevelo brand is a cycling specialist brand of Sport 2000.

Franchise System

The Merchant Co-operative is seen to be a very dynamic business model and by bringing independent retailers together the company receives credibility and trust from the customers. Becoming a member of Sport 2000 means being part of a stable and long lasting structure.

There are many advantages of being a member. You enjoy the benefit of having the brand's reputation on your side. Negotiated prices can be a reality when the company has done dealings with the large manufacturers of sport equipment. Being a member means you have control over your own store and the ability to alter offers and campaigns to fit in with the local area and the local demand. Members also benefit from a national communication plan, commercial operations and matching recommendations which customers recognise and trust.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sport 2000 are committed to providing customers with a wide selection of brands that are targeted to their individual styles, have a high quality and provide the best sports experience possible.

Employees are also important to the company. Sport 2000 encourages both teamwork and individual initiatives while also trying to get everyone as involved as possible.

Green and Fair

The Green and Fair campaign aims to help the environment by making sustainable outdoor products for consumers. This ensures that the products that are produced are sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is the first buying group to cooperate with the established environmental label Blue Sign. Its purpose is to evaluate the production processes in the textiles sector, with the purpose of minimising exploitation of people and the environment.


Sport 2000 shows positive signs as the turnover figures are very satisfactory from January to May of 2017. There have been increases in the outdoor and multisport sectors. The outdoor sector recorded a growth of 3% where as the multisport sector grew by 12%.

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·Minimum Personal Investment: £139,339


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