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Swarovski was established in 1895 in a small town called Wattens in the Austrian Alps, when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that would cut crystal better than the human hand and he began sharing crystal with the world. Swarovski produces high quality crystal products like jewellery, accessories, ornaments and figurines, all marked with the beautiful and distinctive image of the crystal swan. Swarovski showcases its collections through boutiques, retail partners and online. It launches new collections on a quarterly basis. Swarovski celebrated 120 years by producing a fine jewellery line, moving away from fashion jewellery. Swarovski creates a diverse and enjoyable customer experience by having online exclusives, a gift centre, a wish list, videos and a blog.

Franchise System

Swarovski's franchising scheme is called the Premium Partner Boutique scheme. There is a crucial understanding within the company that franchising is key to its future success. Products are sold in approximately 170 countries and there are 889 franchised boutiques around the world. The first boutique was established in 1983 in London's Old Bond Street. Production takes place in Austria, China, India and Thailand as well as many more.

Swarovski supports its franchisees by providing well rounded training to create an in-depth understanding of the brand and the company’s values. Training experts from within the company are used to help new franchisees find their feet. Training uses a blend of e-learning, classroom training and self-learning. Support is also provided to the new franchisee through the same visual merchandise, marketing and administration. This also ensures consistency across the different Swarovski branches.

Swarovski has been very successful in ensuring that the brand name is highly publicised and that more and more people are getting to know it. Its high quality and high end image are intensified across certain regions due to close connections with the Thai Royal Family. This connection resulted in the creation of the Marigot Jewellery LTD, which became the biggest supplier of the Swarovski jewellery. Close ties to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman as well as fashion designers like Alexander McQueen mean Swarovski is a sought after brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Daniel Swarovski had a vision that keeps employees, the environment and society at its heart.

The Swarovski Foundation

The foundation supports the fundamental beliefs and values of the company that have passed down through the generations. It uses projects to promote wellbeing and conserve natural resources.

Swarovski water schools are an example of how the foundation has helped communities as it aims to teach children about the importance of conservation. It wants to provide clean drinking water in schools and communities. These schools are found in China, India, Uganda and Brazil.

The company also strives to create sustainability by building wiser social and environmental issues. It supports the United Nation Global Compact which means it operates responsibilities regarding human rights and the environment etc. The company also supports the Women’s Empowerment Principles, which offer sevens steps on how to empower women in the workplace.


Swarovski unleashed a new store concept in Perth, Australia. These new stores feature Swarovski's Crystal Forest Concept.

Swarovski recently unveiled a new remix collection as part of their AW17 releases. These include a range of bracelets with invisible magnetic closures.

Swarovski was also delighted to be a partner at the 2017 Digital Life Design conference in Munich Germany.


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