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Telepizza was originally started as a family business in Madrid in 1987. Through its attention to detail, quality and efficiency Telepizza has managed to become the fifth largest pizza company in the world, when it comes to turnover. In 1988 the first pizzeria actually opened and this was shortly followed in 1992 by the opening of the first factory. The company started to expand internationally that same year so the development of Telepizza was quite rapid. By 1993 they had reached Poland, Portugal and Chile. A new franchise system came into fruition in 2000 and focus shifted in 2008 to perfecting the online delivery service. Branches opened in Dubai, Colombia, Ecuador, Russia, Bolivia and more. It currently operates in 20 countries around the world and expansions are set to continue.

The Franchise System

The franchise model for Telepizza has so far been an absolute success. There are at least 1300 pizzerias belonging to the brand and 55% of these are franchises. This is due largely to the many advantages that franchisees receive from being part of the brand. The strong well-known brand name brings a degree of certainty about your success. However, if not for the dedicated work of the marketing team and the franchise partners to produce a winning campaign, the company would not survive on brand name alone.

Franchisor provides the franchisee with all the tools that are needed. From marketing calendars to the highest technology available to them, the franchisee will be more than equipped to run their business. Not only that but they have the constant support of a dedicated team around them with thirty years of experience. Training is extensive and by the end of it, the franchisee will have know-how in pizza baking, human resource management, marketing, customer service and management. The training team will be committed to helping your business succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Telepizza care about their customers and their individual needs. Telepizza along with the Spanish coeliac society have brought gluten free pizzas to Spain. The pizzas are made in a gluten free environment, frozen and then transported to the different franchise branches.

Telepizza also cares about the health of their customers and helps them have a healthy balanced diet by providing all nutritional value on their menus and allowing people to alter the menu to suit their specific needs. They are a member of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation.

Telepizza is committed to food security and to be positive that all of the food the customers eat is safe they have strict control over their supply chain where there are routine inspections of raw materials and repeated training for staff so that food handling is carried out correctly.


In 2017 Telepizza are launching in The UK. Two master franchisees are being set up with the introduction of ten new stores. The UK will be the 20th market that Telepizza establishes itself in.

They have recently opened their first store in Iran. Two more are also scheduled to open in 2017. This follows the master franchise agreement that was signed with the Momenin Investment Group.

Telepizza does very well in 2017 and grows, most likely down to international expansion and sales, by 7.5%.


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