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The Carphone Warehouse was founded in 1989 by Sr. Charles Dunstone. By 1996 it had started to expand into Western Europe and today, there are over 1700 stores in 11 countries. By 2000, The Carphone Warehouse entered the London Stock Exchange.

In August 2014, Dixons retail and Carphone Warehouse merged to create Dixons Carphone plc. Now it is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications service. As a company Carphone Warehouse’s goal is to provide a good quality service that its customers have always enjoyed by comparing a range of handsets and network tariffs to find the perfect personalised deal for each individual, both personal and business customers included. Carphone Warehouse is the number one independent mobile online retailer in the UK.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Partners and Initiatives

Since 2001 Carphone Warehouse have been a partner with The Mix, which is an organisation in the UK that provides free and confidential help to young people under the ages of 25 across the UK. Following the merger that created Dixons Carphone, this partnership continues and the company supports The Mix by providing office and helpline accommodation as well as organising a range of different fundraisers to raise money so that the organisation can continue to help the physical and mental welfare of young people.


The Carphone Warehouse are extremely cautious when it comes to monitoring the management of energy consumption, waste management etc. within the company. The company uses LED lighting which is standard now in all new stores. They also pride themselves in how they recycle because last year 75% of their waste was recycled rather than placed in landfill. Their Take Back and Recycling service also allows people to return items that they have not purchased with Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse would like to see a greener world and encourages everyone to make this happen. Finally they are implementing green energy produced by wind turbines and hydropower across sites in The Nordics, which will have a substantial impact on the company’s energy consumption levels.


Despite Brexit leaving the British economy somewhat unsettled, Dixons Carphone are in quite a good position as they move forward as they had a 10% rise in a full year profit.

Dixons Carphone have also signed a new partnership with Tesco. It will result in two Curry PC World concessions opening within Tesco Extra Stores during the summer of 2017.


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