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Vival is a convenience store chain that is a part of the Casino Group. It is most suited to rural villages and small towns where there isn’t a supermarket. It was the first food chain to franchise in rural France and it now has 1800 stores all across France. It offers a wide range of products suited to life in small villages. It supports fresh and local products while also selling Casino products.

The Franchise System

Being part of the Casino Group gives many advantages to its franchisees. The company will constantly be supporting the new franchisee as they get to grips with the store. Casino will help them with the layout and conceptualisation of the store so that it fits in with the franchise. The new store begins with a competitive edge because it has the well regarded brand name behind them making them more trustworthy to potential new customers. Franchisees are trained thoroughly and regularly as part of the brand. As well as that the new store is backed up with operational support and the company’s purchasing centre helps to save money.

Vival in particular is a good option for a new entrepreneur as it is easy to develop and relatively simple to progress with.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR programme that the Casino Group have in place creates trust and a solid relationship between employees, customers and suppliers etc and the company.

The employer encourages diversification and welcomes young people into the work force as well. The company allows for its employees to grow within the company and is mindful of health and safety so that employees are in a comfortable and cheerful environment.

The Casino Group is also cautious about the affect it’s having on the environment. It aims to reduce its greenhouse gases, to conserve energy and to increase the amount of waste that they recycle and reuse.

The Casino Group Foundation helps children who are disadvantaged through education and teaching them new things. It wants to prevent cultural and social exclusion by increasing young people’s knowledge.


Vival are involved in what they call VivalLivres and it is part of the “Small Free Libraries” organisation. The understanding is that you can take a book and keep it once you replace it with another book.

The Vival Professional Training centre got inaugurated in 2017. It is in fact a training centre within an existing Vival shop. Their aim is to train current and future franchisees there as well as other Casino employees.


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