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Yves Rocher offers botanical beauty care products to women. Ranging from body lotions to lip balms to shower gels to shampoo and hand creams, Yves Roche provides women with all the cosmetics they could ever need to keep their skin fresh and healthy. Yves Rocher was born in La Gacilly in Brittany and this is where the inspiration for the worldwide company was first found. A local healer gave Rocher a secret recipe for a cream made from lesser celandine and from there, beauty products from natural resources grew and grew. Yves Rocher had a passion for plants and studied them endlessly until he began to sell a range of products based on these natural ingredients. The company was firmly established in 1959 and to this day it remains family owned. It’s been hugely successful as it is the number one company in skincare, body care and slimming care in France.

Franchise System

Since the beginning Yves Rocher is a company that has captured people. People loved looking after their bodies with natural ingredients and because of this, it did not take long for the brand to quickly spread, first franchising in 1969. Now there are over 3000 locations across 88 countries.European countries include France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and Croatia.

Yves Rocher develops its network through two methods, the first being franchising and lease management. The second is rental management. Benefits from being a franchisee of this company include being close by to corporate support at all times. Yves Rocher ensure that their new members are thoroughly trained so that the standard and way of doing things remains the same throughout the entire company regardless of location. The company provides initial training for four weeks, one of which of these weeks is spent in the actual shop. Online support is always available.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting Biodiversity

Yves Rocher is committed to biodiversity and to prove its commitment it devised a biodiversity strategy. The key objectives of which are to create a new relationship with living things to make more efficient products, to be a responsible steward of biodiversity and an ambassador of plant biodiversity.

No Animal Testing

In 1989, the brand became a pioneer in the cosmetic industry to stop testing on animals. Yves Rocher do not test on animals, they promote research into alternative methods of testing and they don’t use raw materials of animal origin apart from honey and beeswax.

The Yves Rocher Foundation

It was started first by Jacques Rocher, a grandson of Yves Rocher, in 1991. The purpose of the foundation is to help local and global efforts of nature conservation, community outreach and environmental education in over 50 countries.

One initiative it currently has is ‘Plant for the Planet.’ Jacques Rocher committed to planting one million trees through funding and donations but thanks to global support, the company can commit to planting 50 million trees. The Terre De Femmes is another initiative which awards women carrying out daily acts to help the environment. Over 285 women in 15 countries have received awards so far.


Yves Rocher aim to continue expansion. By 2017 they plan on opening 250 new stores. 20 of these new stores will be in France.

Yves Rocher have recently developed a new signature, “Act Beautiful.” It is a new way of allowing the brand and the company to communicate with it’s community and customers via a section dedicated to beauty advice.

Finally Yves Rocher have most recently launched a new shower gel which is on another level in terms of helping the environment and creating value. This shower gel is four times more concentrated than previous gels. Not only is it more concentrated, resulting in the consumer needing to use less of the product at a time, it contains 97% natural ingredients. Furthermore the bottle packaging is made with 25% recycled plastic.

Financial Information

·Minimum Personal Investment: €20,000

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