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Daniel Moquet

Share your success by joining the 1st national driveway franchise

"Daniel Moquet signe vos Allées" is a concept of landscaping driveways of private houses,
designed by Daniel Moquet. Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial career in 1977,
Daniel Moquet was interested in all the facilities outside of a house: the terraces, pools,
walkways... From the early 90s, he specializes exclusively in the design of driveways. The
sector is surging thanks to the development of real estate and has little competition.

Founded in 2005, the franchise continues to expand, proceeding with great professionalism.
Daniel Moquet enlisted the help of a firm specialized in the structuring, development and
management of franchise systems, to maximize the chances of success of future franchisees and the network he wanted to create.

Proof of his expertise, the pilot enterprises Daniel Moquet located in Mayenne, Qualicert are
certified, the certification of landscape services companies. The company has completed
over 3,000 installations of driveways in a very limited geographical area: about 80% of its
customers are located within a radius of thirty kilometers of Mayenne. Today, the network comprises 146 companies with the goal to open ten to fifteen branches per year.

The strengths of the franchise

● Innovative concept in a growing sector in a growing market,
● 35 years of experience in creating walkways,
● Exclusive territory,
● Staff training with technical monitoring and marketing,
● A launch plan and a media plan with monthly events,
● Profitability of 20% before tax,
● Rapid return on investment,
● Exclusive brand products, including the Stardraine® and Alvéostar®, network flagship products,
● The network is part of a sustainable development approach by developing innovative
and environmentally friendly products.

The assistance of the franchisor

Training :

● 20 days franchisee pre­training,
● Six weeks of basic training at headquarters,
● 4 weeks of start­up assistance onsite during opening of the company,
● 2 ­days training per year for the franchisee,
● Continued education for employees (training center),


● 2 management leaders and 1 technical leader,
● Area meeting 2 times a year,
● Work group in your region,
● Commissions of reflection and consultation,
● Advisory Board, communication products and commissions,
● National Convention.

Services :

● Website,
● The intranet,
● Monthly newsletter,
● Call center management.

Do you have the right profile to become a Daniel Moquet franchisee?

Daniel Moquet gives you the opportunity to express your commercial talents of selling to
individuals while accompanying you and informing on the techniques of the
trade. As a true entrepreneur, you invest in commercial development, site management,
management of a small team of field technicians and management of the agency, an action
filled field job.

The business is divided into two functions:

1. the technical, startup teams, site supervision,
2. the other commercial, business to prospects, specification writing

The required qualities: Dynamism, interpersonal skills, taste for selling, ability to motivate,
good management sense, good manager. To join the network, you do not need to be from
the building or public works. We are looking for candidates sensitive to green spaces and
outdoor furnishings. Through your involvement and your job you will have a very good
salary. You have to adhere to the network values: competence, enjoyment, respect and

To go further: A discovery day at the headquarters with Mr. Daniel Moquet then 3 days of immersion in the business to discover the profession and ensure that it will suit you.
Afterwards: booking of the exclusivity area by both parties, financing plan, territorial tax,
banking agreement, signing of the franchise agreement.

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Available Locations:
Currently looking for franchisees in Belgium and England.
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