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Simplify charging with Brick! Join our vibrant franchise community, build a powerbank sharing network, tap into global demand, and be part of our expanding ecosystem.
Brick's powerbank sharing service targets a niche market with a growing demand for on-the-go solutions resonating with a tech-savvy demographic that prioritizes convenience and efficiency!
Top reasons to become a Franchisee with Brick
Strong brand
Innovative technology
Global reach
Franchise options tailored to your vision and your level of investment.
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Franchising with Brick Technology

Brick Technology offers an exciting franchising opportunity for those interested in joining a dynamic and growing community. As a franchisee with Brick, you will build a powerbank sharing network in your market.

Our global network of strategically placed charging stations caters to a modern, mobile lifestyle; filling the gap in the market for on-the-go charging needs. As a Brick franchisee, you become an integral part of this dynamic ecosystem, delivering a portable charging service to a broad and growing customer base.

Having trouble picturing where to place charging stations? The beauty of our service lies in its versatility - these stations can thrive in any location with a significant flow of people who are using their phones. Envision shopping malls, lively bars, libraries, busy airports, and festivals – the possibilities are endless.

As of the start of 2024, Brick has launched in more than 40 markets with 49 partners. Each of our partners has contributed their unique perspective, helping us expand and adapt our service to a global wide array of markets. Ready to join our global network? You know where to find us!

Top reasons to become a Franchisee with Brick

Seasoned Brand: With a recognizable market presence, Brick provides tried-and-tested strategies and materials, giving franchisees the benefit of customer preference for a familiar and trusted brand.

Proven Business Model: A model demonstrated by its success across various markets. As a franchisee, you'll embrace a tested and refined model, minimizing the risks typically associated with starting a business from scratch.

Market Potential: Powerbank sharing taps into the constant demand for charging possibilities, ensuring a steady stream of repeat customers actively seeking reliable power sources for their devices.

Support & Training: Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or venturing into your first business, Brick offers the tools and guidance to ensure your success. This includes resources on network operations and sales strategies, empowering you to autonomously operate and grow your powerbank sharing network.

Scalable Model: A Brick network is inherently scalable, ready to expand with your aspirations and the evolving needs of your market. As demand grows from end-users and venues, so does your business.

Low Investing Threshold: Depending on the size of the network you wish to establish, you should be to invest a minimum of $10.000 to cover the first phase of expenses. This offers a manageable entry point to kickstart your Brick network!

Franchise options tailored to your vision and your level of investment

The power bank sharing industry is growing and moves fast. With our experience launching new markets and navigating the power bank sharing industry you'll get the head start to succeed.

See what franchising Brick could mean for you!

Interested? Request our Franchise Folder below to learn more!

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