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CityPal- Fantastic opportunity for locals in love with their town!
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CityPal Franchise

Fantastic opportunity for local people who are familiar and in love with the city they’re living in with some experience in advertising.

Are you very passionate, communicative, and outgoing? Do you know each and every corner of your city and are you more than happy to share and recommend places with the best service to tourists and visitors? Besides that, do you already have some experience in advertising, either digital or print media?

If you found yourself in any of these descriptions. Hello! This could be the perfect job for you.

Why Franchise

CityPal is the perfect platform where local people help present the best of their city to tourists through CityPal printed maps, website, and mobile application. CityPal is also providing information such as where to eat, have a nice cup of tea or a coffee, which restaurants should they visit, where the best nightclubs and bars are, which events to attend, and also offer other services which may come in handy on the way (car repair, dentist, hairdressing, etc.).

Today’s guests are looking for authenticity and more people seem to be less interested in the professional recommendations of tourist workers. People tend to listen to local people who already live in that city and know by lived experience where the best places are.

This is where you step into the scene because you are the local who has the knowledge and experience of your city and you will be more than happy to share your authentic experience with them:
  • the small initial capital required
  • quick return of invested funds
  • territorial exclusivity for the franchise unit

CityPal franchise support:

  • education and sale assistance
  • education in business leading
  • legal aid and contracts/materials
  • design services and creation of a city/region map
  • updates on www.citypal.me, and the mobile application
  • translation assistance if required


  • the investment will be already covered in the first season
  • initial investment: 5000 euros
  • total investment: 5500 euros
  • you can start using the franchise one month after signing the contract
  • franchise license fee: 10%
  • expected investment return: already from the first printed map of your city/region
  • possibility of issuing several maps per year


Conditions are that the license for the city/region you are interested in has not been sold, and those who have experience in selling ads or are business travelers in the HoReCa sector and already know multiple restaurant and bar owners.


  • strong motivation to start your own business
  • previous experience in advertising
  • love for your city and region where you live
  • strong customer service skills
  • a professional and personable manner
  • initial capital required

Interested in making money this season? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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