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Start a Colloseum women's clothing franchise business

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COLLOSEUM: exciting fashion for women at an affordable price

With over 170 stores in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe COLLOSEUM is one of the leading fashion retailers in central Europe. Its trendy, fashionable clothes for confident, modern women are designed by fashion experts, originating from the traditional fashion hotspots in Europe: Paris, London, and Milan.

Inspired by urban street-styles and international fashion trends COLLOSEUM offers its customers the latest looks and casual dress trends at affordable prices. The range of goods is aimed at fashion conscious women and girls that enjoy playing with different styles. Complementing the latest fashion trends COLLOSEUM also offers stylish shoes, jewellery as well as other accessories. Altogether COLLOSEUM attracts a broad target group with a low to medium income and a high affinity to trends and individual styles.

The COLLOSEUM Group – Born in Berlin, at home in Europe

Accelerating growth throughout Europe, COLLOSEUM is searching for additional franchisees in the following countries:

  • Western Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

Benefit from an established brand, well organised logistics and processes, favourable purchasing prices and highly profitable business prospects!

The COLLOSEUM franchise offer – an attractive investment

Serving a broad customer base COLLOSEUM offers a great opportunity for franchisees to attract women of different kinds and income levels to ensure constant returns and profits. Regular updates to the product portfolio enable franchisees to run ever refreshing marketing campaigns and to satisfy the fashion lover’s desire for owning the latest trends.

Best of all goods are delivered on consignment! You only need to pay the goods you actually sold. All the rest is shipped back to the supplier. This way you save money beforehand and have a way better overview of your cash flow in general. The franchise offering aims at founders as well as owners of existing retail stores that like to change the concept.

With COLLOSEUM you have the chance to create loyal customers that enjoy the constantly refreshed outfits for reasonable prices. This way COLLOSEUM has constantly grown since its foundation to up to 170 stores today!

To become a COLLOSEUM franchisee, you need the following

  • €150.000 as a deposit for the goods delivered on consignment
  • Min. €70.000 for setting up a complete new shop
  • NOTE: if you already own a retail business and only want to change the concept, costs for reconstruction are way less than €70.000!
  • Colloseum - Image
  • Colloseum - Image
Available Locations:
COLLOSEUM is searching for additional franchisees in the following countries. Western Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia.
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