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Coaches and other behaviour change professionals. Transform Your Passion into Executive Income!
Neuro Change Institute® Overview
Are you interested in Brain & Mind Sciences and helping people transform their lives?

Want a ‘Business in a Box’ solution that gives you credentials in a proven service model and extensive training, support and systems for generating consistent clients?

Attention existing & aspiring Practitioners, Coaches and Consultants!!

The Neuro Change Practitioner and Master Practitioner training helps you reliably transform their lives, and leads people to excellence.

The Neuro Change Institute is a reputable worldwide organisation that delivers training developed by a team of leading academic experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Social Psychology, and Philosophy.

By taking the Practitioner Credentialing training you can transform your own life, AND use it to grow your business and add value to your clients, it will enhance how you live life, and change the lives of many.

In recent years we’ve seen interest explode in the potential for Brain and Mind Sciences to change lives, and now finally there is some Evidence-based Practitioner Training that makes lifelong change possible because it does what until now was over-promised and under-delivered.

This program begins by defining purpose, and follows six modules with tools to Modify Behavior, Mindset, Beliefs, and Emotional IQ.

It’s based on the latest Social Psychology and Mind Theory research, Neuroplasticity and the Brain’s unique ability to adapt.

To get your business profiting we also have our Client Acquire Program, and you'll have instant access to everything you need to:

1. Generate leads from an engaged audience with a high potential.

2. Convert those leads into paying clients, using tested and proven system.

3. Support those clients using a world class program where they’ll get results Client Acquire includes templates, checklists, ideas to help spark your creativity, and resources that will make prospecting for clients easier than you ever imagined.

Plus our support to successfully implement this system.

This opportunity is truly a business in a box solution, suited to people with a range of life experience and backgrounds. Investment is required to set up, but then earning potential is limitless.

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