Interview with a Pitaya Franchisee - Charles Derré

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Read the following article with Pitaya franchisee, Charles Derré to find out why he started this business.At only 28 years old, Charles is every bit as good as the other franchisers in the group. His first location in Montpellier is the largest one in the group, seating 64.

“I used to be an osteopath with two practices. But after two years, I was already feeling stagnate in my career. I missed the food service industry.” He had grown up with his family’s restaurant, and really wanted to get back into the kitchen. He dreamed of the adrenaline, the rush, the spurts of creativity, of being a boss and managing a team.

“I thought about this for a long time. For me, a franchise would be a perfect solution. I’m not a cook, and having a franchise would let me have a turnkey, reassuring formula,“ explains Charles.

“We all like eating and cooking Asian food at home, and there was a lack of high-quality solutions. In late 2015, I heard about Pitaya. The concept seemed great and I thought that if the concept was such a hit, it would be easy to make it work. And the fact that it People’s Choice Franchise in 2016 definitively won me over.”

Charles opened up his location in October 2016. “I really liked the month-long training in Bordeaux. I know that now, in my restaurant, I know how to do it all. Cutting up the ingredients, controlling the wok, logistics during rush times, running the cash till, daily management of the restaurant, and so on. My first two cooks have gone off for training in Bordeaux, but I can train all new team members using the training I received. It’s important when you’re a manager to feel like you know what you’re doing with your employees.”


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