Interview with a Pitaya Franchisee - Jamel Touati & Axel Tolan

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Read on to find out why Jamel Touati & Axel Tolan started a Pitaya franchise and how they gained great success in this role.Jamel worked for 10 years in a large bank as a franchise manager.

He was captivated by the success of his clients but waited patiently for the day when he could open his own franchise.

His brother-in-law, Axel, had been running an independent fast-food restaurant in Bordeaux since 2007. One day, just to tease Axel, Jamel suggested that they go and eat at a neighbouring restaurant, a PITAYA®. They both fell in love with the concept.

“I always eat out at lunch. And I told myself that they hit the nail on the head. It was beautiful, fresh, healthy, and quick!” says Jamel enthusiastically. “When we made the decision in the summer of 2015, PITAYA® helped us to be as efficient as possible. In May 2016, we opened our location.”

Axel says, “With PITAYA®, we have duplicated existing savoir-faire and an approved concept. The risk is low with a shorter return on investment. It also saved us time because PITAYA® provided us with a network of service providers that would have taken much too long to set up from scratch and at a higher cost. Finally, the bank file needed to apply for funding was more solid thanks to PITAYA®.”

“In terms of revenue, it’s awesome! We’re really very profitable. We’ve planned on 4 new openings: Nantes in May 2017, a second Tours location in July, in Angers in July as well and another one in Nantes in September. And we’re not stopping there!” exclaims Jamel with a laugh.


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