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Carré d'artistes®

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Art Lovers, Start Carré d'artistes® Franchise

Carré d'artistes® is the crazy adventure of art lovers, whose ambition is to revolutionize an inaccessible market.

The first gallery opened in Aix-en-Provence in 2001. Today, Carré d'artistes® is leader on the accessible art market with a network of 35 galleries located in 12 countries and 50,000 artworks sold every year! Selected by the Artistic Service of Carré d'artistes®, the galleries exhibit a selection of 600 talented artists of varying fame, with artworks in a variety of styles and techniques.

Since the opening of the first gallery, Carré d'artistes® has always had the same goals: to democratize contemporary art and to support artists and the creative process. Carré d'artistes® offers unique and affordable artworks in open and welcoming art galleries. An alternative that democratizes contemporary art; a generous and respectful project for artists.

Key Facts:

  • 4 sizes = 4 prices
  • Unique artworks certified as authentic
  • Affordable prices
  • Modern square format facilitates compositions
  • 15 local and/or international artists per gallery
  • Sales of Large sizes paintings during artist signing and events
  • Exhibitions regularly renewed
  • Proven, dynamic marketing strategy
  • Two targets of customers : BtoC and BtoB
  • 3 Area Managers to develop the world (USA- Europe- East)
  • Warm and welcoming galleries

A Dynamic Marketing Strategy

One new artist is introduced to an exhibition each month, so that there is always something new for customers to enjoy. Marketing and promotion campaigns are ongoing throughout the year and include 'artist signing' events and children's workshops.

Benefits of the Carré d'artistes® Franchise

  • Expertise of the Carré d'artistes® artistic service
  • Concept proven in different countries and cultures
  • Strong visual identity of the brand and galleries
  • Consignment system limits investment and facilitates management of accounts
  • Consumer sales price policy freely devised by the Franchisee
  • Potential to open several galleriesin exclusive territory.
  • Recognition of the brand internationally.
  • Team of experts dedicated to the development of galleries
  • Assistance in finding and opening premises.
  • Complete training and ongoing support.

If you love art and you want to bring affordable artworks to a wide audience, submit the form below so that we may contact you with more information.

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