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Mind Lab

Choose our cutting-edge solution and winning business model

Revolutionize the education system in your country

Join us on a journey to the future of education.

Mind Lab - over 20 years of experience

The Mind Lab Group was founded in 1994. Our activities are all centered on the Mind Lab Method, a unique and innovative approach for the development and training of 21st century skills through strategy games.

The Mind Lab Method has been adopted by thousands of kindergartens and schools in 15 countries. More than 10,000 teachers have been trained and certified, and over 4,000,000 students have used the Mind Lab Method to improve their thinking skills.

Strong Demand – 21st century skills are the key to success

Education systems worldwide are moving away from knowledge-based teaching towards skills-based educational programs. They are therefore thirsty for attractive student-centered methodologies that work, and schools are looking for innovative programs that enhance learning and life skills.

Our Advantage – students, parents, and educators love Mind Lab

Mind Lab is loved by children because it is extremely engaging and builds their confidence and self-esteem. The language of game-playing is universal.

It is valued by parents because it provides their children with the most important tools they need to succeed in their studies, careers, and personal lives.

Teachers enjoy teaching Mind Lab and are empowered by the method. The Mind Lab curriculum complements schools' curricula by strengthening life skills, and improving scholastic achievements in math, reading, and other core disciplines.

School directors and decision-makers at city, state, or country level view Mind Lab as an excellent vehicle to improve educational quality, and at the same time, to differentiate themselves and attract both students and teachers.

Work With Us – let's make a difference together

By joining our network and implementing our business model you would be benefiting from various advantages

  • Exclusive country rights,
  • International brand recognition,
  • A proven service-oriented model,
  • Huge demand for the Mind Lab Method,
  • An exciting, fast-growing, sustainable business!

As a Country Licensee you would also benefit from a variety of services and resources offered by the Mind Lab Group

  • Initial training provided to your pedagogical team onsite,
  • Access to our complete educational technology (PreK-G9),
  • Ready-made and easily adjustable marketing and sales tools,
  • Comprehensive onsite training for your marketing & sales team,
  • Participation in our national and International Mind Olympics

We have a cutting-edge educational solution and a winning business model. We are offering you the exclusive right to operate Mind Lab and revolutionize the education system in your country.

If you are a passionate and business-minded entrepreneur, we invite you to join us on a journey to the future of education!
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