Eazi-Sites Help Local Businesses Capture Their Customer’s Attention

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Eazi-Sites have the ideal solution for responsive web design and the changing landscape of consumer behaviour.

The modern customer expects a personalized shopping experience. It is not only possible to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through such experiences, but they also help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition.

Eazi-Sites help entrepreneurs offer personalized offers and notifications that display on websites for a local business. Large organisations like Amazon and Google also offer this feature which is based on a customer’s browsing habits.

The Eazi-Sites platform allows a business to;

  • Choose a trigger to activate their website personalization. Triggers can include time, location, previous visits and more.
  • Choose a trigger; selected from ready-made actions such as popups and notification bars.
  • Engage site visitors by displaying customized actions at exactly the right time and watch conversion rates soar.

A once-limited feature of personalization was targeted offers, but now it extends to the entire customer experience as well. A business must offer its customers personalization throughout all interactions.
It has never been easier for local businesses to stay ahead of their competition. With advance e-commerce and lightning fast website loading times, Eazi-Sites offer competitive services to help entrepreneurs generate serious income.


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