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Be your own boss and embrace freedom with Fast Review’s fast-growing franchise!
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Profit from a solution that is here to stay. Because today’s online reviews are tomorrow’s profit!

Seize limitless opportunities! Provide innovative Fast Review solutions to companies from various industries that wish to upgrade their online reputation. There's a lot of profit to be made by becoming a Fast Review franchisee.

Why Franchise?

As a Fast Review Franchise Owner, you will offer solutions for boosting online reputation to companies that operate in virtually all industries - Tourism & Hospitality, Retail & Shopping, Transportation, Healthcare, Real Estate, Government, Education, Media & Entertainment...

Fast Review enables companies collect positive online reviews, achieve stellar online reputation and maximize profit!

Fast Review allows customers to leave a review on relevant platforms in less than 10 seconds, on the spot, while impressions about a product or service are still fresh!

A constant stream of positive online reviews has a significant impact on a company’s reputation, attracting new customers every day, thus maximizing profit.

Fast Review combines elegant hardware - contactless cards, with powerful software, tailored to the specific needs of any company.

Fast Review cards use NFC technology to communicate with mobile devices, both Android and Apple. By simply tapping the phone on the Fast Review card, customers are directed to post their reviews on different platforms, to follow companies on social media, or to check out their latest offer - the possibilities are limitless.

Fast Review also has a few neat features that enable companies to mitigate the number of negative online reviews and to track how their competition is doing.

Online reviews are here to stay! In our digital age, everybody is online and everybody is relying on online reviews to make informed decisions when booking a hotel, a table in a restaurant, a medical service or when doing online shopping.
  • 90% of consumers say their purchases are influenced by online reviews.
  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Online reputation easily accounts for more than 50% of a company's market value.
For most companies, online reviews are the most valuable source of inbound marketing.

Fast Financials

Benefit from a team that wants you to succeed. You will get expert assistance with planning, launching and running the franchise while making a significant return on your investment.
  • Franchise entry fee starting at 25k
  • Royalty fee 30%
  • Contract type: 5-year franchise agreement

You don’t need to have an office. You will have full support and you will be in complete control of your income. On average, Fast Review franchisees have 100% ROI in less than 100 days.

Benefit from Fast Review’s established brand reputation. TERRITORIES ARE GOING FAST. ACT FAST.


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Tripadvisor has signed a cooperation agreement with the domestic platform for Fast Review reviews

For the first time in history, a global partnership agreement was signed between the domestic brand FastReview and the world leader, the Tripadvisor platform. The very one who...

For the first time in history, a global partnership agreement was signed between the domestic brand FastReview and the world leader, the Tripadvisor platform.

That fact alone is impressive, and the story is even more significant because of the fact that it is Tripadvisor contacted FastReview and after a deeper analysis signed a collaboration with a domestic platform for reviews.

FastReview®, a domestic platform, which in less than three years of operation on the world market, has helped more than 3000 companies to improve their online reputation and customer relations, achieving more than a million reviews on Tripadvisor, Google and other review platforms, which is significant increased sales to partners, i.e. revenues.

Fast Review is an innovation that arose out of necessity and a tool that is extremely important for the domestic economy, especially for the promotion and better positioning of the tourism and hospitality offer in Croatia and the entire region.

The creator and co-founder of FastReview® is Petar Aračić, who, after more than a decade of work in tourism and catering, noticed, and later confirmed through research, that only 12% of satisfied guests leave a positive review. On the other hand, those who had a negative experience will be happy to share this "fiasco" with others, in front of the entire online community, creating an unrealistic and significantly worse image of the quality of service of many hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments in our region. but also around the world.

Considering that as many as 90% of consumers say that their purchases are influenced by online reviews, and that 84% trust online reviews more than personal recommendations, FastReview® was created as the simplest and fastest way to improve your online reputation, collect positives and respond to all negative reviews, in real time, while the consumer is still "at home".

The FastReview® client list includes well-known hotel brands such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Conrad, Mandarin Oriental, Accor, Movenpick, DoubleTree and others. This is precisely why the cooperation with Tripadvisor was successfully concluded.

As Aračić points out, the cooperation came after Tripadvisor itself contacted them, which was the result of a good recommendation from their client. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

"The collaboration came about when one of our clients from Dubai contacted them asking if they cooperated with Fast Review. TripAdvisor investigated us and contacted us. Negotiations were opened on how we can cooperate, they checked us out, saw a list of clients from restaurants to hotels on a global level, entered our system and analytics, and after that, in joint discussions, there was a proposal to enter into a global partnership together," says Aračić and adds that only through them TripAdvisor received over 370.000 reviews.

Although FastReview has already been connected through an API with TripAdvisor, now all their customers who will use FastReview through TripAdvisor will have a deeper insight into analytics and customer behavior.

"Their benefit is that all our clients use Tripadvisor, that's why Tripadvisor will be branded in our software with their colors, i.e. according to their brand book. Our benefit is that it will be written on their review that it was collected through Fastreview. Of course, the global partnership with Tripadvisor itself is a confirmation of the quality of our product." adds Aračić.

The partnership has agreed that starting next month, every review that comes through the Fast Review platform on Tripadvisor will be marked as "Review collected in partnership with FastReview".

Fast Review clients who choose to use this add-on tool will have a variety of options and benefits, including faster publishing of their reviews, greater control through FastReview® software, and many other benefits.

FastReview coming soon to the US and UK markets

Although FastReview is already used in some restaurants in London, by the end of the year their strategic goal is precisely the American and UK markets. "In America, consumers most often use TripAdvisor, Trustpilot and Yelp, which is mostly in F&B. But TripAdvisor is still the strongest, along with Google. In the UK, only TripAdvisor is searched for. So cooperation with TripAdvisor for the American and British markets, which we plan to open at the end of December , means a lot" concludes Aračić.

Fast Review Testimonials
Fast Review has provided me with the perfect balance of freedom and support, allowing me to run my own business while benefiting from the expertise of a trusted brand. This flexibility has enabled me to prioritize my personal life while unleashing my creativity in innovative ways, ultimately leading to financial stability and remarkable earning potential. With a proven business model and ongoing support, Fast Review has not only given me the tools to succeed but also the opportunity to thrive and build a secure future for myself and my family. I am grateful for this incredible journey and excited for the continued growth ahead as a proud member of the Fast Review family.
Ivana Prvanović, Fast Review franchisee for Serbia and Montenegro
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