Drag'Eau Partner: Franck Hykpo (Ivory Coast and West Africa)

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It gives me great pleasure to share my experience with Drag’Eau; the brand has become more like a family to me than a business partner.

I have worked with Drag’Eau in the Ivory Coast and West Africa for three years. We service companies that specialise in agro-industry, PET and HDPE, large hotels, hospitals, etc.

The technical and quality control departments of these companies required an innovative and economic solution to treat their water and air conditioning systems, as they had had enough of chemical and ultraviolet treatment.

The Drag'Eau process is a 100% economic and ecological solution and continues to add value for the users.

Throughout our first year I received exemplary technical and commercial support from Drag’Eau France: advice for our sales force, on meeting with our customers in our prospective area, technical recommendations, international trade fair organisation and business to business meetings, the provision of tools and support for the optimisation of our business.

In addition of our participation in all annual meetings at Drag’Eau headquarters, the brand contacts me often to go to international fairs to meet prospective partners (we forged several important business relationships through these meetings).

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