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5àSec was fueled by the innovative concept of providing people with a wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services that are accessible and affordable. From this idea, the franchise began to spread so that more and more people had easy access to the service. The number five was placed in the company’s name because it uses five different, but simple prices for people to follow when getting different services.

5àsSec began in France in 1968 and soon began franchising the following year. It eventually broadened its horizons and began internationalising, reaching Poland in 1999. Today it is Poland’s biggest chain of professional launderettes. 5àSec is also the world’s leader in textile care.

The Franchise System

Franchisees benefit hugely from becoming a member of the 5àSec franchise. They have a proven business model to work with, alongside a brand name that is well known and valued for delivering good service. Owning a 5àSec branch means having immediate access to a global market of consumers. Support is given to the franchisees through ongoing consultations and training. The training offered includes e-learning, face to face teaching as well as hands on experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

5àSec want to deliver a quality service to their clients while at the same time ensuring sustainable growth for the company without impacting the environment.

In 2011, the company launched the ‘We Share’ campaign. Through this, 5àSec committed to minimising its impact on the environment. They also committed to developing employees skills and morale so that there is optimal productivity within the company.

They initiated a recycling programme which aims to reduce its use of consumables by encouraging people to reuse. In particular, they encouraged their customers to return hangers to the 5àSec stores so as to limit waste.

The company also plans to reduce its energy consumption by installing a water meter and recovery system.


5àSec were awarded 2017’s best pressing company in France. The result was drawn from a competition which takes into account the quality of the pressing service, as well as overall customer service.

The company developed two mobile apps. To create a more pleasant and simple service for the customer, the App allows for home delivery and reduces waiting times in store.


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