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Fotoprix was first founded in 1981 and since then it has expanded into a large enterprise. It offers a wide variety of products and services, offering endless amounts of options to do with photos and digital pictures. Its aim is always to meet the customer’s needs and to do this it is always being innovative. While meeting the current needs, it expands to meet future needs. In 1993, Fotoprix offered people 30% larger photos with no extra cost. In 1999, knowing that there would soon be serious digital competitors Fotoprix launched Digi3 which is a digital development system. In 2001, Digi3plus came out which was designed to improve the quality of photos by 50%.

Fotoprix has been widely successful. It was the first chain in Spain that owned 60% of its establishments while the other 40% was franchised.

The Franchise System

Fotoprix started expanding in 1989 into franchises. It’s now situated in three countries, Spain, France and Belgium. Its goal is to continue expanding, particularly in Spain. It wants the brand to be present in every provincial capital as well as all of the main cities.

The location of the stores is vital to their success as the customers need to have a good experience when they come into the stores. Fotoprix help franchisees select commercial premises and helps design them to ensure the customer’s enjoyment.

Fotoprix also provides all the relevant information and support to the new members so that they are left more than capable of running their new business up to the same standard that Fotoprix expects. It also ensures that there is complete and continuous training for all the franchisees and the employees within the stores.

The company acts as a central purchasing centre for its own stores so franchisees benefit from optimal pricing, adding to their competitive advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fotoprix aims to create a better more connected society through photographs. The company has an initiative which aims to create awareness of social issues going on in the world. For this particular initiative, discarded cameras are being collected and sent to young people in Burkina Faso. There, the young people undergo a course in digital photography and put together a project designed to make us aware of the different realities that are experienced by people.


Fotoprix launched a new line of business where the emphasis was placed on ‘low cost.’ It meant that there would be no membership fees for franchisees and there would also be no fees for anyone who has a shop who wanted to expand by joining Fotoprix. The shop also did not have to be a photography shop.

Fotoprix is most likely set to be sold. There are a number of interested buyers, one in particular being the media group Artresmedia who are looking to use Fotoprix to their advantage.


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