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The mission of Naturhouse is to re-educate the eating habits of their customers to help and encourage them to maintain their target weight by doing certain things and eating certain foods. The Naturhouse stores sell a range of products designed for healthy living. It can be divided into three categories; functional food, food supplements and cosmetics and beauty products. The Naturhouse is dedicated to living a nutritious life. Their business model is specific for their stores and it is called The Naturhouse Method. It places emphasis on re-educating people on how to deal with food. It’s not about restrictive dieting, but instead learning to eat correctly.

Don Felix Revaelta was the founder and he had a lot of experience in nutrition and what foods should be eaten and what shouldn’t. He saw the potential for a niche market based on nutritional eating and made the possibility become a reality with his own nutrition based business that became very successful. The first store opened in 1992 in a small town called Victoria. In 1993 they initiated their franchising system and their first international expansion was the establishment of a Naturhouse store in Portugal. Naturhouse went on to be a complete success and is now present in 32 countries.

The Franchise System

Naturhouse is known for being one of the best franchise systems in Europe, and the company recognises how much its franchisees allow the company to be where it is today. As a consequence of that, Naturhouse takes time and money to encourage the new agents and help them develop into the Naturhouse

There are many advantages to being part of The Naturhouse franchise in particular. It is a simple but very effective business model. New franchisees get access to the know-how of the company and are provided with extensive initial and continuous training. Support will always be given to the franchisees in terms of marketing campaigns and what actions are appropriate to take. Major benefits also come from being attached to an internationally respected brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The board of directors for the company approved the existence of a code of ethics and conduct as well as the implementation of a legal prevention model. The rights of the employees and customers as well as importance of transparency are tied into the code of ethics so everyone is treated fairly.


Naturhouse earned €5.9 million for the first quarter of 2017 and the company now has 2,342 stores worldwide.

2017 marks Naturhouse’s 9th consecutive year among the top 100 franchises in the world.

Financial Information

·Initial Investment: €52,000


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