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Ciudad en tu mano

Ciudad en tu mano - Commercial Guide

Ciudad en tu mano is the a state of the art commercial and services guide for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad and Android devices system) that provides its users with detailed practical real-time information for each business in their city. In addition to the mobile support website version available.

Ciudad en tu mano has been developed for all types of businesses, companies and self-employed to advertise and promote at a very affordable price within the application and support on the web. Ciudad en tu mano allows these companies business information to be available to all smartphone users: information, pictures, links to your website and social networking, location map, promotions and offers, etc. But also with Ciudad en tu mano, every business can, from the web, manage their own content, modifying text, changing pictures, updating offers, all in real time and without intermediaries, without any limitations and without any additional cost.

Who Should Apply

Preferably people with business experience, people skills, entrepreneurial drive, extroverted and decisive, with a desire to excel without fear of success.

Some time ago we launched a pilot unit, Valencia en tu mano. Our experience and the market response has made us offer the business model for entrepreneurs and investors with business sense.

Advantages of Ciudad en tu mano

  • Login with guarantees of success in a sector in exponential growth.
  • Very low investment.
  • A proven method that works.
  • Own business without risk.
  • Total exclusivity in your area.
  • Direct sales from the web. Customers can register their establishments from the web.
  • No technical knowledge.
  • Very low overhead.
  • No need for premises.
  • Little burden of administrative tasks. Businesses manage contents themselves.
  • Large profit margins.
  • Payback the 2nd month of activity.

What Ciudad en tu mano Offers

  • The application of your Ciudad en tu mano for smartphone and tablets for IOS and Android systems.
  • Web support of your Ciudad en tu mano app.
  • QR Code for easy downloading.
  • Mobile application URL of your Ciudad en tu mano.
  • First positionings of your Ciudad en tu mano.
  • Personal, phone and logistical support.
  • Product formation and personnel.
  • Management Manual.
  • Marketing Manual.
  • Technical manual.
  • Local advertising support.
  • Support developing social networks.
  • Your turnkey business.

The Safest Bet

Ciudad en tu mano is the safest option right now because it works in the fastest growing sector in recent years, your prospects are virtually inexhaustible (think that any company, business or self-interested that want to increase their sales) and also, the cost to the advertiser is the most affordable in the market.

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  • Ciudad en tu mano - Image
  • Ciudad en tu mano - Image
Available Locations:
Currently looking for franchisees in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.
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