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Would you enjoy training sales people?
If so, start your career as a sales trainer

Congratulations, you have decided to deal with your career and become a sales trainer with the INtem® franchise. And that can be a crucial step for you. Perhaps one of the most important in your life.

Sit back again, and imagine yourself with this life ahead of you:

You work freely and independently in demand as a freelance sales trainer. In exciting seminars and training you share your valuable knowledge. Your life is secure and you are optimistic about the future: because you have a solid customer base of reputable companies, which repeatedly book your seminars and give you recommendations. You might even earn more than ever before. Self-employed, as your own boss - without the constraints of fixed-term employment... Sounds like a dream? This dream can actually become true - faster and safer than you might imagine.

Your sales experience is worth gold - seize the moment!

For countless companies, whether in times of crisis or in the economic recovery, sales training is needed to ensure success.

Our system - your shortcut to success

Starting off as a self-employment sales trainer is tedious and risky! The fastest and safest way to start is the INtem® franchise. From the very start, you have a professional system at your disposal that allows you to pass on your knowledge as a sales trainer in the most efficient way possible. The INtem® interval system has already been tested in many ways and used with amazing success. With this system, salespeople and sales representatives learn quickly and with joy. Your training participants succeed effortlessly and achieve better results with there sales. Take advantage of a system that will almost guarantee a successful career as a sales trainer.

By the way...

INtem® came in at the 70th position in a franchise ranking of over 1,000 franchise systems put together by the trade magazine "Impulse" in a franchise ranking. The INtem® interval system with which our sales trainers work is one of the best - because the experts agree. Up to now, the system received 19 different rewards proving its excellence.

Our system for full order books

As a professional salesperson, you know that finding the right customers and responding effectively that determines your success as a sales trainer. INtem® actively supports your acquisition, so you have a constant stream of prospective customers for your training. Here are some examples:

Your own newsletter: You will receive monthly - custom-made personal  "coaching letters" with instantly practical tips you can implement instantly on topics like marketing and management. Those will help you to acquire new customers, keep in touch and build your personal status as an expert. The newsletter features your name and picture.

Proven and practical phone scripts: For your telephone contact with potential customers and prospects.

A trained support-team on the phone: Upon request and for a low contribution to the costs, you can have qualified call-center agents working for you, providing you with a constant stream of presentation dates without it consuming your time.

However, not only a strong system with impressive successes, but also the solid education for sales trainers will ensure your success. The numbers prove it: 90% of all people who have participated in the INtem® sales trainer training are now working successfully as sales trainers.

The INtem® franchise offers you:

Freedom: Through the cooperation and use of the INtem® brand and programs under license.

Safety: through special expertise from over 25 years of experience and over 19 international awards.

A defined benefit plan: You determine your own success.

Ongoing support: Through success packages, eg. for acquisition, trainers’ expertise, continuing education, etc. and the administrative area, for example, website etc.

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