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An innovative advertising platform for only €12,000!

What is Publipan?

Since 2007, Publipan have designed bags to serve baguettes with various advertising, information and entertainment spaces on them. Every 15 days a new design is launched and distributed to bakeries throughout the city and surrounding areas.

It is an innovative advertising platform with endless possibilities. We have a new business concept, a new distribution way and therefore we are the choice of most successful businesses.

The distribution system allows the bags to be delivered to each bakery and from there they go to every customers' home. Thus, bakeries save the cost of bags and Publipan advertising is 100% effective.

Agencies and corporations have not remained indifferent to our advertising platform and have chosen us to advertise their products on our bags. The effectiveness has been demonstrated, as they continue their campaigns with us. For example:

  • Prestigious brands such as Coca Cola in Costa Rica, Nestlé and Maggi in Portugal.
  • A campaign by the Spanish Government, with a circulation of 1,500,000 bags spread across much of the country promoting the consumption of olive oil.
  • A 'back to school' campaign promoting breakfasts with Nutella.

International Expansion

Publipan continues growing, covering more and more areas. We are present in Portugal, Romania and Costa Rica since 2009. Since 2010 we are in Ecuador, Brazil, Germany, Panama and the Republic of Moldova.

In 2011 we reached Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

We're unstoppable, our expansion has no boundaries - we are already in 20 countries.

Franchisee Profile

We are looking for entrepreneurial, optimistic people with selling skills and a desire to work in our ambitious business.

Business Key Facts

The main causes for Publipan's quick expansion are:

  • Low investment and rapid returns.
  • High income.
  • Possibility of expanding business.
  • Continued support.
  • No premises needed.
  • Continuous market movement.

Imagine our bag in the daily situation - on the way home, in the elevator, in the subway, on the bus, or in a moment of pause - what do we read?

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Currently looking for franchisees across Europe.
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