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My World and I

Creator of personalised stories for children!

In a few years, My World and I has become the market leader for customised stories for children thanks to a unique and innovative concept. 

Initially launched in France, My World and I continue its international development and is now recruiting new distributors worldwide. 

The personalisation, piloted through an intuitive easy to use software, offers children between 0 and 12 years old the opportunity to recognise themselves in the story by becoming the lead character, and thus developing self-esteem and confidence. Each product takes only few minutes to be created ! 

All our stories have been developed in partnership with a team of authors, illustrators and experts in the childhood area such as speech therapists, psychologists, teachers and Montessori schools. In addition, many children are also involved in the storybooks creation process. That results of positive, educational and engaging products whilst remaining fun!

My World and I offers a wide range of storybooks, nursery & school books, customised CDs and cartoon DVDs,stuffed toys, poems and activity books. Our products aim to stimulate learning and enhance reading passion from an early age.

Children become the heroes of the adventures, and live magical and unforgettable moments they can share with their family and friends.

Why become a  My World and I Distributor?

Since it is a perfect way to achieve work-life balance. We offer award-winning high quality products within a booming market. You will be given the rights to sell our collections and we’ll ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills for preparing and selling the products.

Innovation :

  • Three varied customisable collections: publishing range (storybooks, school books, colouring books, poems and letters); music range (more than 30 personalised music albums); cartoon DVD range (6 animated cartoon titles)
  • Full color pre-printed storybooks that you can personalize in few minutes.
  • My World and I is also always investing in R&D department.

 Profitability :

  • Set-up time is minimal, but the earning potential is unlimited!
  • The margins of profit are important, up to x5 or more.
  • There is no minimum quantities per order, you are the decision maker!
  • Most of our distributors make their full return on investment within the first few weeks of trading.

 Simplicity  :

  • Create your business at home without fixed costs, or complete and enrich your offer with our range of products.
  • A not cumbersome stock.
  • No sales target thus no pressure, you develop your business at your own pace to conciliate work-life balance.
  • A rapid and immediate implementation, to run your business from home in just few days.
  • My World and I offers e-learning support and an assistance to all members of the network throughout their business activity.
  • Quick and easy customization, guided by an intuitive software allowing to sell through wide and varied distribution channels: word of mouth, home sales, shopping malls, charity fairs, trade fairs, Internet, retailers and e-tailers, sale direct, schools, and many others.

Only 3 easy steps to get started !

Getting started is quick, easy! All the packages we offer will enable you to set up your own business in a matter of days, and prices start from as little as 1 600€.

Step1: Choose between our 3 packs and various options below.

Each pack includes:

  • license.
  • personalisation software.
  • Initial stock of products that allows you to make profits from your initial pack (thereafter you just need to order products as needed with no minimum quantity per order).

We are at your disposal to help you choose your pack and options best matching your project and ambitions.

Step 2: set up in few days.

Simple and easy.  You can set up in a matter of days without any fixed costs, from the comfort of your home.

Step 3 : grow your business.

To help you to improve your sales, we provide you with a wide range of online training tools.  In addition to our training manuals and videos, we regularly organize work groups with the members of our network, Webinars, brainstorming etc.

About you:

Man or woman, you are a born entrepreneur and are looking for a quick return on investment matching the effort you put in, flexibility of part-time or full-time work, and the freedom to work from home. My World and I wishes to promote diversity in the recruitment of new distributors.

The skills and qualities desired are:

  • Motivation and business spirit
  • Relational and communication skills are essential.
  • Organized, persistent, good people skills and observer.
  • Flexible with good coping skills.
  • Creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Commercial instinct and experience in sales is an advantage but not necessary.

Join us for a world of opportunities!

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Available Locations:
Looking for partners all across Europe.
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Business Opportunity.
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