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Your own online marketing agency for only €4,000

Mundoguia® is the only company in the field of marketing and communication that includes everything necessary to promote and position in a personalized way each business, whichever the industry, both on the Internet and off it.

Using the Mundoguia® franchise you can offer everything a business needs to stand out:

  1. Personalized advice for every business.
  2. Prominent internet presence at local and national level.
  3. Visibility in internet search engines.
  4. Featured promotions for all businesses in your area.

Hot products

Mundoguia® offers a variety of products and tools for you to develop your business as easy as possible.

Our products are characterized by:

  • Price. We work with very low cost prices so you can get the most benefit. Our goal is that you get a high revenue margin.
  • Quality. We have a team of creative professionals and developers who create the most comprehensive platforms to help you carry out your duties.
  • Management. All products are designed so you and your clients can manage the content without hiring third parties.
  • Usability. The editing tools are comprehensive and easy to use.
  • Positioning. We prepare each platform with the necessary resources to position our products in the best way.
Our star products include:
  • Web page
  • On-line shop
  • Business Portal
  • Mobile Applications


You get a return on your investment in less than 3 months.

The objective of Mundoguia®'s business model is monetize all commercial efforts for our franchisees. That is why all our products maintain such a high profit margin.

Mundoguia's Benefits

The advantages Mundoguia® offers help to its rapid expansion.

  • Low investment and quick recovery
  • Cumulative income with a portfolio of clients
  • Possibility of expanding area and turnover
  • Continued support from the HQ
  • No premises necessary
  • Continuous market movement
  • Commercial synergy between franchisees
  • Software or Web constantly updated, in line with user demand
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  • Mundoguía - Image
Available Locations:
Currently looking for franchisees across Europe.
Business Type:
Minimum Cash Required:
Financing Assistance:
Yes, from the company.
Training Provided:
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