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International Property Broker

Start an International Property Broker Franchise Business

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Become an International Property broker

My name is David France and I have over a decade's worth of property experience, and I specialise in doing international property deals on creative terms. We are UK-based and I personally work from home and abroad. In the past three years, we have completed a variety of property deals in Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Dubai, Canada, USA and the UK - all without leaving my home in the UK in most cases.

We are members of the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals) and trade properties worldwide mainly using flexible finance terms. Due to the financial downturn, this has allowed us to soar past the average 'estate agent' - because they lack knowledge in this arena and are unable to move with the trends.

We have done hundreds of these property deals and now want to expand substantially. We show partners exactly what we do - it's simple and now is the perfect time to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.

We will show you how to become an international property broker and trade deals, whilst making your ideal income and enjoying a great lifestyle.

Examples of some of my deals worldwide...

I made £5,000 on a Marbella property and £5,000 on a Canada property.

My total time input was a few emails and phone calls - over about 22 hours - so that's an hourly rate of £454! Yes that's more than a doctor. You do not need to buy the properties - you just position yourself in the middle of each deal and charge a fee for introducing the buyer to the seller - simple!

In essence, I help motivated property sellers - by offering them practical, valuable, alternate solutions. And in my free report, I will show you how to find hundreds of these sellers using a little-known strategy...

The good news is that I receive an average fee of £5,000 (as shown) for successfully completing each transaction. In my report, I will show you how to complete at least one of these per month, on a spare time basis, to make an excellent income for yourself - whilst enjoying a fabulous lifestyle - and you could earn up to £150,000 in a year! That's what I made in one year doing this full time.

This FREE report will show you

  • 10 tips on how to become an international property broker
  • Low-cost and no-cost methods of attracting DOZENS of INCOMING leads and enquiries from motivated sellers
  • How to find buyers for your properties using social media channels
  • How to operate this business REMOTELY - based at home - or coffee shops!
  • How to ensure that you get paid every time - using my 'lock-out' agreements
  • How to quickly arrange highly profitable joint ventures and alliances
  • Get paid to travel - most of your travel costs can be tax-deductible
  • How to launch and position your business for MAXIMUM rewards - and income
  • How to get started with ZERO technical or internet skills
  • How to apply the 4-Hour Workweek mind-set to your business
  • Setting up your business to operate from almost anywhere in the world
  • Systems and using FREE software to manage your team
And much more...

WOW! David at IPB introduced me to a secret group of people who do these types of deals all the time and make a FORTUNE trading property deals. David introduced me to his valuable network which I'm now able to work with. My first deal I traded made me £5,000! THIS WORKS. Ian Wood, London.

99% of estate agents do not know of these creative ways of doing property deals we are able to clean up, estate agents believe that if a property doesn't sell they drop the price - with Dave's system the buyer and seller get a win/win deal using creative finance without banks/mortgages and more importantly without dropping the price. David Belcher, Lancashire.

Just imagine your PERFECT business for a moment...

  • You have no boss to answer to
  • You have no stock, no employees, and no headaches
  • You can live in any country or location you choose
  • You can do this in your spare time, based at home
  • Low risk and low overheads (no office needed)
  • All you need is a laptop and phone
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