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FocalPoint Business Coaching Overview
You have skills and insight that others can benefit from. You have the drive to succeed—on your own, without the limitations of working for someone else.

Now is the time to take your leadership skills to the next level, pursuing what many other successful executives have. It is time to consider becoming a FocalPoint Business Coach.

With FocalPoint, you can call your own shots, set your own course. You can be an independent professional with your own lucrative business. You can share your experience and skill set to make a difference in the lives of others—all while bringing new purpose, prestige and rewards to your own life.

What is FocalPoint?

FocalPoint Offers A Unique Life-Changing Opportunity For Qualified Individuals.

FocalPoint is an elite group of Certified Business Coaches and Trainers operating around the world. We offer proven coaching and exclusive content to business owners, executives and their teams.

As a FocalPoint franchisee, you will own your own business, while receiving support, training and mentorship. FocalPoint will provide the brand, multi-level support, proven curriculum, course materials and processes to help you grow and establish your business.

What Are We Looking For In You?

Passion, Motivation, Business Acumen And A Desire To Control Your Future

We are looking for exceptional leaders with the entrepreneurial mindset. People who want to own their own business, and who are willing to learn, work hard and invest the effort to succeed.

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE | You’ve had a professional career with substantial business experience in a position of leadership and responsibility. If you have ever managed a group of people, or helped a colleague resolve a problem, you have coaching experience.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS | You have presented your ideas and sold your concepts to people and management teams. You have demonstrated and understand the importance being a good listener and of asking the right questions.

CONFIDENCE | You have been successful in what you’ve done and are not afraid to take on new challenges and learn new things. You welcome the opportunity to expand and stretch your competencies, knowing these are the essence of success.

PERSEVERANCE | You don’t quit. You never give up and are laser-focused on your goals. Where others see problems, you see opportunities and are able to adapt and change where necessary to achieve your goals.

The FocalPoint Difference

Proven Content And Curriculum

As a FocalPoint Business Coach, you will have access to comprehensive business and personal development learning materials. FocalPoint’s coaching curriculum was created by business-growth expert Brian Tracy and includes over 70 custom-designed coaching sessions covering every opportunity and challenge facing business owners today.

Time-Tested System For Business Development

The FocalPoint business development system is proven in franchise after franchise. It includes all the elements to build your business quickly, and sustain your success over the long term.

Training, Certification, And Support

To maintain the quality and consistency of your coaching, you will receive multi-level training to earn your FocalPoint certification. FocalPoint will support you in all aspects of your business, from coaching to sales and marketing, as well as technical support and client acquisition. As a FocalPoint Business Coach, you will never be alone!

ONBOARDING | Business set-up including technology, social media and marketing

INTENSIVE COACH CERTIFICATION | Six days of comprehensive training by top FocalPoint Coaches

STRONG START | Ten weeks of post-certification support from experienced coach mentors to kick-start your new practice

of support and training, including technical support, sales and marketing support (personalized materials, website, newsletter and more), support on delivering coaching and training, and ongoing calls with Subject Matter Experts

ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES | Connect with your fellow coaches to learn from industry leaders in informative training sessions and interactive workshops


As a FocalPoint franchise owner, you will have many options for revenue generation: you may prefer to specialize in one area or mix-and-match your offerings to suit your practice. To accelerate your success, a custom market program will be developed for you that highlights your skill sets and meets your personal income targets.

You’ll Work With Top Performers Like Yourself

As a FocalPoint Business Coach, you will have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with our team of top-performing CEOs, CFOs, VPs, GMs, Entrepreneurs, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Technology Professionals, plus others. Our coaches have diverse backgrounds but share a mindset of helping each other succeed. The FocalPoint Coach Community will be there to lend a hand or share advice on ways to bring value to your clients.

Chart Your Own Destiny

With FocalPoint, you’re the boss, free to run your business the way you know is best. Set your own hours and create the lifestyle that suits your priorities.

EVERYTHING IS HERE: Worldwide BRAND, World-class CONTENT, A proven SYSTEM, Innovative use of TECHNOLOGY, Unparalleled SUPPORT and an unmatched TEAM of Business Coaches around the world. We are experts at business growth, showing business leaders how to become more profitable, work less and ultimately, enjoy their lives more.

Is this right for you?

If you’re at a crossroads in your career and have a passion for continuous learning, coaching others and business development, contact us now for a confidential, 15-minute introductory call or Zoom chat.

We are looking for experienced business professionals to join our worldwide team!

FocalPoint Business Coaching Testimonials
The FocalPoint training and resources are great and I have benefited from the mentoring and support system. The materials allow the flexibility to fit any industry and have provided me the platform to develop individuals and companies with a focus on their own values. I enjoy the flexibility and can bring my own experience and strengths to my coaching clients.
Pat - Ireland
FocalPoint Business Coaching Videos
August 09, 2021 08:48 AMFocalPoint - What Is A Business Coach?


As a business owner and coach, it’s fantastic to be part of a diverse community of like-minded, proactive, supportive and driven people. The abundance of tools, resources, and expertise together with the Brian Tracy name provide all the essential ingredients needed to take one’s business and life to a whole new level and standard.
Marcelle - United Kingdom
I was attracted to FocalPoint for its resources and values. The certification program was delivered by some of the best business coaches in the industry. I felt an immediate rapport with the other coaches. FocalPoint has provided us with excellent coaching materials and tools. They are well-designed and the quality of the content is superb!
Michael - United States
I connected with the purpose and vision of FocalPoint and believe in the power of positive change through the ripple effect. The assessments, combined with the wealth of coaching and training materials, have allowed me to add real value to my clients. The information held in the FocalPoint library is the sort of ‘institutional memory’ that is invaluable in our ever-changing business environment.
Having owned a service business for 20 years, I knew first hand the value of ongoing staff training. I chose FocalPoint for the outstanding content. In working with business owners, I like to jump in and roll up my sleeves! Seeing my clients achieve their targets motivates me and I have improved my own skills in the process. With business coaching and training, I have found my calling.
Joining FocalPoint has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. With access to some of the top coaching and training materials in existence, I can confidently offer and deliver a superior product and service to my clients. Having a solid network at hand to encourage, educate and challenge me has definitely helped grow my coaching practice.

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