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Become part of a huge entrepreneurial project that is constantly evolving and growing rapidly.
EdiliziAcrobatica is a leader in overground construction works on double safety ropes, we were the first in Italy to have adopted this cutting-edge technique, the first in the world to have conceived the construction franchising project on rope, beaten the crisis and created new job opportunities, always with a vision to the future.
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EdiliziAcrobatica Overview
Join EdiliziAcrobatica; a leader in overground construction works.

Thanks to the innovative technology and the know-how gained over the years, we have created a service that is revolutionizing the world of construction. Innovation is in our DNA and this is the air that the company breathes: desire to do, to grow and to change to improve what it has to offer.
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About the franchise

An EdiliziAcrobatica franchise is the first in the world in the field of operational building. It was founded in 2015 when we participated in the Salone Franchising in Milan proposing a business model that, as we have honed over the years and the opened office in different Italian cities, it is perfectly replicable and scalable.

We now have 120 franchising agencies of EdiliziAcrobatica throughout Italy and internationally.

A successful franchise model

The reason for this success is in the model that we propose, as well as in the support path that as a company we make available to our affiliates who, by opening a franchising agency, effectively become part of our family.

From continuous training, which aims to develop and improve the skills of the franchisor, to help in the selection of staff, also trained in our internal Academy.

The entrepreneur who chooses to open a franchise of EdiliziAcrobatica, chooses to follow a road of certain value and indisputable success, as demonstrated by the stories we have collected in recent years and that you can find in the section, the success stories.

Since 2015, the development of the EdiliziAcrobatica concept has been followed by the architecture firm Arcabi Associates, managed by the partners Aldo Cappa Marchello and Elisabetta Grassi and based in Florence, which has created an exclusive image declined on all agencies made in Italy and abroad.

The attention to detail, the extraordinary attention to the needs of a fast-changing market together with constant research and careful attention to the continuous evolution of environments, characterizes each of their designs.

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