Realtyplus Launch Refugee Action Plan: W6

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In the search for a solution for ALL refugees, whatever their origin, arises W6.

War in Ukraine and the large volume of refugees arriving in Spain has once again launched us to work on a solution for access to rental housing for those people affected and forced to migrate to a new country.

W6 is Realtyplus's action plan in collaboration with other companies with the objective to help refugees to access decent rental housing and start a new life.

We named as "W6" (win 6) due to the 6 fundamental aspects involved as:

  1. WINS REFUGEE: They will have access to decent rental housing
  2. WINS THE PROPERTY’S OWNER: Who will rent his property according to the market price, in a good contract and covered with a guarantee of rent collection
  3. WINS THE NGO: Finding homes for the refugees
  4. WINS THE REAL ESTATE AGENCY: Making business looking for the property.
  5. WINS RENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY: making business offering its services.
  6. WINS THE LOCAL BUSINESS: The new arriving people have needs for products and services, that they will contract in the local market.

From Realtypus we are contacting owners, aiming to give us an insignificant part of their real estate portfolio for this initiative, to dedicate it to this purpose. Please help us spread the message.
Contact us if you want to collaborate in any way:



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